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Sweet Summer Style

Sweet Summer Style

I had so many grand plans for posts this summer. Then exactly zero of them came to fruition. Why, you ask, did a pull a total Carmen San Diego and disappear? Turns out every summer is busier than the one before, and by the time this one ends, I will have spent 11 weekends ~not~ in my own home. Exciting? Yes! Exhausting? Double yes.  

I'll detail my seemingly unending excursions in a later post, but I'll go into one of the many things that's been quite kind to me lately: summer style. I can't get enough of off-the-shoulder tops, floral skorts, sweet ruffles, and elegant embroidery (much to my bank account's chagrin). Here are 6 items I've been living in this summer: 

1. Striped T-Shirt Dress

I've been searching high and low for a sporty t-shirt dress than can be dressed, down, and without Spanx, and finally found one at Tobi. The Getaway Dress is a thicker, *actually* opaque material, barely wrinkles, and can be worn casually with white sneakers (I prefer Stan Smith shoes) or with flats. You can also change the silhouette with a belt, or take it into fall with neutral ankle boots and a denim jacket

Plus, I match my dog when I wear it, and since I have a v basic side to me, I love that.

2. Embroidered White Jeans

I feel like I'm constantly tempting fate with all the light and bright colors I gravitate towards despite living in the sometimes-hellhole of NYC (although it IS the most wonderful, amazing, beautiful health code violation of all...), but these white jeans from Zara are perfect for cool summer nights. They are so soft, have the perfect amount of stretch to them, and are distressed in pure Goldilocks style (aka juuuuuust right). Plus, the embroidery encompasses red, pink, a warm beige, green, blue, and yellow, which means your potential pairings are endless. 

3. Eyelet Crop Top

Lately, I've been drawn to a sweeter, more feminine style (I supposed I can blame it on that whole getting older and maturing thing). This sweet eyelet top from Tobi was a perfect throwback to childhood, but made modern with it's short crop. 

It pairs perfectly with skirts, shorts, and pants, but I prefer to wear it with Urban Outfitters High-Rise Jeans, or my pink denim mini skirt and coordinated Jack Rogers.  

4. Embellished Mules

I get it, I get it, I gravitated to the same stores this summer BUT it's not my fault they had the best loot! I snagged these Zara embellished mules during their annual summer sale. With so much travel, these are perfect for road trips, zipping through security, and more. 

Pro tip: Zara shoes don't come in a size 7 (of course). If that's your size, go up to a 7 1/2 in pointy shoes such as these mules. Everything else? Round down to a 6 1/2. 

5. Off-The-Shoulder Tops

Let's face it -- nothing screams summer more than bare shoulders. Basically every time I've been rooftop-bound, I wore the same outfit: white off-shoulder top, floral skort, and striped flats or wedges (depending on how fAnCy the soiree was). If you still haven't jumped on the bandwagon, Revolve has an epic selection

6. Plunging Blouse

Another excellent piece that can enter a new season with you! The Ivana Blouse from Tobi is slightly cropped, and compliments everything from casual shorts to sleek pants with its understated femininity.

I recently took it to Maine, and hit the breweries in cutoffs, layering the blouse over a bandeau to make it a little easier to manage after a flight (or two...). I'm planning on rocking it with vegan leather leggings and booties (sans bandeau) once late September hits. 

What pieces have you been wearing all summer long? 

So Long, Summer

So Long, Summer

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